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From W G Stoddard <>
Subject Re: [Luckas <>] Hello
Date Fri, 05 Jun 1998 12:22:24 GMT
I'll be posting a patch next week to enable Apache to query the NT Registry for
CGI script interpreter path based on the script's file extension (e.g., .pl
will resolve to the perl interpreter, assuming you have installed the perl
interpreter in you system).  I have a prototype running now; need to clean it
up and test it some more before posting.  Stay tuned!

Bill Stoddard on 06/04/98 07:31:21 PM
Please respond to
Subject: [Luckas <>] Hello

Not acked.

I'm testing the Apache/NT as replaceament of my Native server,

but as I see the cgi-script must have the header

There is an way to assign an specifc extension (or mime) to
an binary. (Without internal file lookup)

I'm looking for somthing like
AddHandler perl.exe .pl     <- its kind, but it's all I need :)

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