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From (Wan-Teh Chang)
Subject Re: Apache 2.0, NSPR, C++, ...
Date Sat, 27 Jun 1998 05:49:28 GMT

Dean Gaudet wrote:

> > One really ignorant question though.  Is the NSPR code the same code
> > Netscape uses in their Enterprise Server product?  If so, I am a tad weary
> > because I have had loads of reliability problems that look like threading
> > problems to me with those servers.
> >From what I understand (the netscape guys are here on new-httpd still I
> think so they could answer better), NSPR in some form is used in their
> enterprise server.  But I don't think it's the same library that they
> released -- the released one is "nsprpub", for public I presume.

"nsprpub" was first released on 31 March 1998.  Yes, nsprpubis a subset of the
complete nspr, but there is only one auxiliary
library that we cannot release, and the reason is that the copyright
of that library does not permit us to redistribute its source code,
just like Sun's copyright notice does not permit us to distribute
its JVM source code  with Mozilla.  I  want to reassure
everyone that we didn't hide any "good stuff".

(The core nspr library is in mozilla/nsprpub/pr.  The auxiliary
libraries are in mozilla/nsprpub/lib.)

On each platform, nspr may have more than one implementation.
In particular, on the major Unix platforms, nspr typically has
an implementation using only user-level threads, and an
implementation using native threads/pthreads.

Mozilla uses the user-level threads only implementation.  The
reason is not for portability but to work around certain bugs
or constraints of X libraries.  (I don't really know the details.)

Netscape's server products use the native threads/pthreads
implementation, which is the implementation we recommend,
and is the default build target.

Any new work we have done on the source code after
its initial release on 31 March 1998 has to follow the rules
of the Netscape/Mozilla Public License.


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