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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] NT CGI - Fetch interpreter from registry and oth
Date Sun, 14 Jun 1998 11:14:19 GMT
W G Stoddard wrote:
> I did take some liberties in getting rid of tabs. Other than that, most
> everything else (or the gratuitous ilk :-) was directed at making the code more
> readable!

Readability patches should not be combined with functionality patches,
because they hamper code review. By all means submit separate
readability patches, but do remember that they should conmform to the
style guide.

> If the registery query fails to find the interpreter, the code still does the
> shebang peek as a last resort.

I think we should be able to configure the order. The example of
multiple Perl versions is a good one. Also, people may not want to have
to mess with the registry to get appropriate interpreters to run.

> I was really tempted to eliminate the peek code
> altogether (thinking like a windows weenie) then (thinking like a unix hack)
> decided not.  Not too crazy about that 2048 buffer on the stack...

Any particular reason?



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