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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject web server survey
Date Fri, 26 Jun 1998 00:41:32 GMT

Anyone want to fill this out & send it in?  If so, give a "shout out" here
so we don't duplicate effort, and go ahead...


>From: "Doris Behrendt" <>
>To: "''" <>
>Cc: "''" <>
>Subject: urgent! market review for web servers 
>Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 11:52:38 +0200
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>Hi Brian,
>I got your adress from the mail list on the Apache site.
>I do not know, if you are the right person within the
>Apache project. If not, please forward the message
>to the right one.
>I am editor for the german networking and telecommunications
>magazine LANline and do prepare a market overview for
>webservers. Now several vendors which have answered our
>questionnaire use the Apache for their solutions, but not every
>feature of this server. Therefore their questionnaires are filled according
>to their use. As the Apache is the most important Web server it would 
>be great, if I could get a complete profile of the 1.3 version and that 
>lately on Friday. Is that possible for you?
>Thanks in advance!
>Kind regards
>Doris Behrendt
>Editor for LANline
>Tel. 0049/89/45616-226
>Fax 0049/89/45616-200
>Email: or
>LANline 08/98
>Publication in the editorial part without any charges
>AWi Verlag 	Questionnaire for Market Review: Web Server
>LANline 	Return no later than June 26, 1998
>Bretonischer Ring 13 	Date of publication: July 28, 1998
>85630 Grasbrunn
>If you want your products and your company included in the market review
"Web Server" in the issue 08/98 of LANline, the magazine for networks and
data/telecommunication, please complete and return this questionnaire by
mail or FAX:
>Country Code for Germany/89/45616-200 no later than June 26, 1998. 
>If you have several webservers please fill in the form for each separate
>Company name: ___________________________________________________________
>Address: _________________________________________________________________
>Name: _________________ Function: ________________ Phone:___________________
>Telephone number for our readers: ___________________ Fax:
>If you are offering several products, please use one own sheet for each
>The Server is:	O a Software Solution	O a complete system (Hard- and Software)
>System Configuration, respectively System Requirements:
>CPU: ________________________	Operating System: ____________________
>Random Access Memory (RAM), respectively, minimum free RAM required:
>Access Control and Authentication by:	The Server supports: 
>O Host-IP-Addresses/Domain Names	O Its own user databases
>O User/Password (Basic Authentication) and groups	O LDAP-based directories
>O Certificates according to X.509	O Integrated OS, respectively,
>	 user directories (e.g.: NT-Domains, NDS...)
>Access Protocolls:
>O NCSA/CERN	O ODBC (e.g.: Access or MS SQL-Server)	O Other:
>Web-Based interface for the browser:
>O Internet Explorer	O Netscape Navigator	O Both
>O Graphic Administration using the following operating system:
>O The server can be remotely administered.	O Supports SNMP
>Interfaces for Server Expansion	The Server Supports:
>(Development Environment):	O Mulithome IP (IP-Redirection)
>O CGI	O Software Virutal Server (DNS-Redirection)
>O WinCGI (Windows)	O URL-Forwarding (URL-Redirection)
>O ISAPI (Windows)	O Publishing with HTTP-PUT
>O NSAPI	O Coded HTTP-Communication according to
>O Java Servlets	 SSL Version ______________________
>O Server Side JavaScript	O Individual Server configuration for subdirectories
>O Active Server Pages (ASP) under Windows	O NCSA-Conform
Server-Side-Includes (SSIs)
>O Other: _____________________________	
>Additional Functions:
>O Full-text search with indexing of document formats: _______ (e.g.:  Word
97, Adobe Acrobat PDF)
>O Publishing sections for the users	O Proxies for HTTP, FTP and/or Gopher
>O Other: ____________________
>Price for the standard configuration (in DM, without VAT): _______

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