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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject 1.3.0 announcement
Date Fri, 05 Jun 1998 07:13:06 GMT

Before we can send the announcement to apache-announce, we need

1) An NT build.  It'll be the death of us if we don't :)  Paul?

2) We need to officially put it on the site 24 hours before we announce it,
so the mirrors can grab it before we start driving lots of traffic.

3) The Announcement in the current repository needs some beefing up - I
think it should also say:

  a) This is now the "stable" tree - everyone running 1.2.X servers or
earlier should upgrade to 1.3, as we will stop providing support for the
1.2.X tree, though we may make a release of 1.2.7 (what do you all think?)

  b) I would like to see something like "18 months, 1500 bug reports, 500
patches, and 150 total code contributors helped make the the release of
1.3.0 a reality"  :)

4) Binary builds!  It'd be nice if we had binaries for Linux, Solaris,
FreeBSD, NT of course, and anything else anyone wants to volunteer.  Those
should go up *before* the announcement.

Announcing on a Friday night is a good strategy, as it allows the load to
be somewhat smoother than if we announced on, say, a Wednesday.


pure chewing satisfaction                        

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