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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject Drifting install conventions
Date Tue, 16 Jun 1998 15:28:39 GMT

This little fragment from one of my testing scripts
illustrates the way that things are drifting off
in various directions.  I don't know if this is good
or bad, but it seems work mentioning.
    set nthome = 'd:\testing\apache'
    set uhome = "$family/var/apache"
      case unix:
        cat $uhome/log/access_log
      case nt:
        rsh $machine "type $nthome\logs\access.log"

Note (1)
  access.log  (nice since extensions are so potent on NT)
  access_log  (nice - traditional)

Note (2)
   apache\logs      (like the CVS repository)
   /var/apache/log  (like other unix apps)

Nobody was doing anything with any of these that
was "innovative" everybody was just following
one standard or another.  Just too many standards
to follow - eh?

Personally I don't want anything to change
getting my testing working is hard enough
as it is.

Makes the documentation a confusing...

 - ben hyde

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