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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject Re: [PATCH] windows.html - details details
Date Tue, 16 Jun 1998 15:20:40 GMT

>Brian writes:
>Good start, I've committed what you sent, but what's all this @@whatever?@@
> ...
>>+and you can force it to stop via:
>>+    apache -Z @@whatever?@@

I currently don't think this mechinism works at all.
But since it's not documented it is possible I just
don't understand how to use it.  This patch was an
attempt to trigger it getting documented, and if
necessary in turn get it fixed.

I tried hacking at it but I can't see what the intent
was.  it looks as if it was partially converted to
using the PID in the signal, but that gets fouled 
up in getting the signal name communicated to the
child process.

Meanwhile there is no signal for restart.

Killing processes on the NT is a pain.  You can
do it with the GUI from the console.  You can buy
a resource kit for the machine and then maybe
(I don't have it) you can kill them using a tool
in there.  You can down load assorted things
from the web all of which have curious behaviors
across "session" (at least that's what I think
is going on) and "user" boundries.

My only interest here was to automate the testing
of the NT and currently I can't kill the server
(I was delusional yesterday when I said I could).

   - ben

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