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From Sameer Parekh <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] NT CGI - Fetch interpreter from registry and oth
Date Mon, 15 Jun 1998 17:30:12 GMT
	Code-style/readability patches should be seperated from functionality
patches. Then its easier to know what you're doing on a per-commit basis.

At 03:20 PM 6/13/98 , W G Stoddard wrote:
>I did take some liberties in getting rid of tabs. Other than that, most
>everything else (or the gratuitous ilk :-) was directed at making the code
>If the registery query fails to find the interpreter, the code still does the
>shebang peek as a last resort. I was really tempted to eliminate the peek
>altogether (thinking like a windows weenie) then (thinking like a unix hack)
>decided not.  Not too crazy about that 2048 buffer on the stack...
>Bill Stoddard
> on 06/13/98 01:56:55 PM
>Please respond to
>Subject: Re: [PATCH] NT CGI - Fetch interpreter from registry and oth
>W G Stoddard wrote:
>> This patch uses a CGI script's file extension to search the registry for
>> interpreter, rather than shebang peeking the file. This should allow unix
>> scripts to be run on NT without modifing the #! line in the script.
Cleaned up
>> the Win32 section of ap_call_exec a bit as well. Included this patch both
>> inline and as a mime attachment.  Let me know if you experience problems
>> the inline patch. My mail program has been know to mangle text on occasion.
>> Probably a config thing I've not quite mastered yet....
>90% of the patch seems to be gratuitous reformatting, which makes it
>rather hard to see what it really does.
>Also, I think that #! should be optionally obeyed. I don't know if you
>cater for that already, though.
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