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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject --datadir and symbolic links
Date Tue, 02 Jun 1998 20:31:54 GMT

Suggestion for 1.3.1

I like the new ./configure now that I've gotten around
to using it.

It would be nice if --datadir could be checked at install 
or configuration time for symbolic links along the way.

In testing the tarball I encountered lots of machines with
users, tmp, and share automounted or just redirected with
via symbolic links.  

When this happens the build/install all goes just fine, but
the first fetch fails with "not allowed" and "[error]
Symbolic link not allowed: /tmp/" appears in the error_log.

The finally banner, i.e. 

| You now have successfully built and installed the      |
| Thanks ...

might suggest looking at the error_log when it doesn't
seem to work.

  - ben hyde

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