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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: layered i/o and coprocesses
Date Mon, 25 May 1998 14:42:57 GMT
>Another thing which may have been obvious to others but only occured to me
>recently... (hey I was doing a lot of hiking, lots of time to think).
>It's not trivial to turn mod_include into a filter.
>One way to do this is to implement a layer such as mod_include in another
>thread and just flip back and forth between threads as needed.  This is
>typically called "coprocessing"
> ..compiler's input routine emptied its buffer,
>it would longjmp() into the preprocessor's "output" routine.  Then the
>preprocessor would be in control, and eventually would fill its output
>buffer, and longjmp()...

Either you swallow the whole nine yards of threads or
you end up building lots of things that mimic them.  The mimics are
usually much faster and confuse the hell out of your maintainers,
while the "threads are my friend" coding style leads to cussing at
the OS and an awful lot more threads than you ever expected.  For
example multiple threads working on a single request.  - ben

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