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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: heavy and lightweight pools...
Date Tue, 26 May 1998 01:24:38 GMT
>On Mon, 25 May 1998, Ben Hyde wrote:
>> The only operation I've desired was the ablity to assign it a block of
>> memory to manage (i.e. the block I obtained via memory mapping).  Then
>> I could use it for interprocess I/O and for persistant data storage.
>Hmm, just handing it a hunk of memory isn't good enough... you need a
>semaphore if it's shared memory...

yes, but I see that as the job of the user not the pool -
in fact is I think you convinced me of that some time ago... :-)

>and for persistance

Forget I mentioned that: fantasy drift the precusor of feature creep.

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