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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Date Sat, 09 May 1998 01:48:51 GMT
When I compile Apache+PHP3 right now I get:

Server: 3.0R-Dev Apache/1.3b7-dev (UNIX) PHP/3.0R-Dev

Here is my init_handler function:

void php3_init_handler(server_rec *s, pool *p)
        register_cleanup(p, NULL, php3_module_shutdown, php3_module_shutdown);
#if MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER >= 19980507

The ap_add_version_component() is not adding, it is prepending.  And, I am
also compiling Apache with -DSERVER_SUBVERSION="PHP/3.0R-Dev" which I
would have thought would have been ignored now.  But it is added on to the
end.  I am still compiling with this flag to support older versions.  It
is tricky for me to detect the Apache version when I build my Makefile.


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