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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject apache-nspr-06
Date Mon, 11 May 1998 02:04:09 GMT

Moved os/nspr/http_main.c to main/http_main.c.  Removed os/nspr... I'm
back to using os/unix and os/win32 (but I haven't updated the windows
project files yet).

Fixed bugs where r->finfo was being used without checking r->file_exists
first.  (I converted them wrong.) 

I ripped out the spawning code in alloc.c and main/util_script.c ... only
unix (and no suexec) is supported in main/util_script.c at the moment. 
This should be split into something in os/foo for each platform... it's
stuff that NSPR doesn't cover (like appending .EXE or figuring out how to
spawn the shell and such).

I ripped out much of the scriptlog code -- there's a much nicer way to do
it using layers which we can implement later (it's more clean, and doesn't
cause deadlocks with the CGI like the current code does).

mod_cgi works, roughly.  There are no timeouts when reading from the CGI. 
I never use PR_KillProcess() on the CGI -- I close the filehandles and
assume it'll kill itself when it tries to read or write.  I'm siding with
Roy now thinking that we shouldn't send more than a single SIGTERM to
CGIs.  We can deal with that later though. 


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