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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject apache-nspr-05
Date Wed, 06 May 1998 05:35:36 GMT

Sam Robb <> provided me with a patch which gets it to
compile under WIN32... and it might run now, I fixed two bugs which Mark
Cox pointed out.

I think I'll restructure the files once more though after this -- I'm
going to move os/nspr/http_main.c back to main/http_main.c, and delete
os/nspr... so we'll be back to having os/unix, and os/win32 again.  It
really was a bit of legacy I had after the pthreads port, which is the
tree I started with for the NSPR port.  For -06 I'll rearrange things this

Sam, I noticed your patch did some dll stuff -- you may want to skip that
for now, just #if 0 if it's an issue.  NSPR provides abstracted dynamic
loading calls and we should switch from dlopen()/etc. to those. 

Mark also gave me a debugging printf patch... which I massaged to use the
DPRINTF define, which is enabled when compiling with -DDEBUG.

I'm part way through work on mod_cgi... I'm trying to get it going next. 
It doesn't work in this tarball though, it probably doesn't even compile.

BTW, the "parent" mainloop is completely broken... and I probably won't
fix it for a bit.  This code spawns StartServers threads, and that's it.
Never any new ones.  Mark asked me about the multiprocess/multithread
combination models... and yeah I think we should get to them...  I want
to get a reasonably stable server with a single process/multiple threads
going first.  I tore out the MULTITHREAD code when just trying to get
this going because I'm way more familiar with the unix code... we can
always merge it back in later if we decide we want it.


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