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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: translate_name() -- for includes?
Date Wed, 06 May 1998 03:36:03 GMT
Ah yeah.  #include file should be deprecated, along with #exec cmd, #exec
cgi, #include cgi... everything 'cept #include virtual :)

I don't think it's easy to fix.  translate_name is for uri -> filename
translations, you're talking about a filename -> filename translation. 
This is an area where the API just plain is lacking. 


On Tue, 5 May 1998, Doug Luce wrote:

> It's no problem for #include virtual statements (which go through
> sub_req_lookup_uri(), and therefore translate_name()), the issue I've got
> is with #include file's (which go through sub_req_lookup_file(), avoiding
> any hooks).  
> I want to make it so that if you put a file down with an #include file
> statement, and the included file doesn't exist in the directly referenced
> directory, it will be looked for in a secondary directory.  Maybe I'm
> talking about adding a path to #include file lookups?  (that sounds less
> precise and a little risky).
> So I figure that sub_req_lookup_file() would be the right place to put a
> translate_filename() call....
> Doug
> On Tue, 5 May 1998, Dean Gaudet wrote:
> > I'm not sure I understand what the problem is for includes... I've used
> > mod_rewrite to rewrite #includes before. 
> > 
> > Dean

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