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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (apache-1.3) Wed May 13 23:45:35 EDT 1998
Date Thu, 14 May 1998 07:48:57 GMT

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

>     * Ed Korthof's patch to fix protocol issues surrounding 400, 408, and
>       414 responses.
>       <>

Functional for me.
>     * Ralf's "linking DSO modules against possible libraries from $(LIBS)":
>       This patch is a first step for a more powerful and less restrictive DSO
>       mechanism: We allow DSO modules to be linked against other DSO libraries
>       when the system permits it.
>       See: [libshlib]
>       Status (for 1.3.1-dev): Ralf +1

This makes the make work for me on digital, solaris _and_ BSDi. Something
earlier cuts did not manage.

>     * Okay, so our negotiation strategy needs a bit of refinement.  See
>       <>.
>       In general, we need to go through and clean up the negotiation
>       module to make it compliant with the final HTTP/1.1 draft, and at the
>       very least we should make it more copacetic to the idea of transferring
>       gzipped variants of files when both variants exist on the server.

>     * Roy's HTTP/1.1 Wishlist items:
>         4) update the Accept-Encoding parser to allow q-values

As a matter of fact this _will_ touch the entire API; as what 1.1 (or at
least my understanding) really requires is:

	- treat each of the Mime variant fields as a dimension
		i.e charset, language and content-type
		and transfer encoding(s)
	- be able to re-negotiate each on dimension

Currently we treat the content-type itself as a prime specifier, and then
fumble in the charset; whereas the language is specified as a secondary
specifier. See contrib mod_i18n.c for what a mess this gives when you want
to negotiate for your chinese customers on langauge, charset, encoding
_and_ mimetype. The way HTTP/1.1 addresses it seems academic; so the
shortcut currently taken might be admisseble; but my real question is, is
it worthwile to really split up the variant dimensions. I guess you have
to do it when you start daisy chaning modules in the future. We found
sofar that since charset and language are tightly coupled it is just about


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