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From Ian Kallen <>
Subject win32 details for 1.3.0
Date Sat, 30 May 1998 08:51:06 GMT
As a lurking end user here,  I don't normally pay attention to the win32
port stuff but I had occasion to install apache_1_3b7_1.exe on an NT
installation yesterday and since you're closing in on calling it a wrap, a
small nit to pick:

The example Alias and ScriptAlias in the srm.conf use a different server
root than the httpd.conf  & access.conf - no biggie.  Also, the
documentation bit /manual/windows.html that is distributed with the
regular bundle isn't synced with the one that was in the win32 bundle,
it's referring to the installation living in \Apache whereas the installer
now defaults to "\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache"  BTW, since The Three
Config Files are really an NCSA anachronism and there never was a win32
port of NCSA, why not have a single httpd.conf in the win32 binary
distributions?  (actually why not on all distributions since changing the
default server root really is a small departure from NCSA compatibiity?  I
always combine 'em first thing...)  I haven't thought about the win32
equivalent to "AccessConfig /dev/null" yet ;)

Ian Kallen	
	Director of Technology and Web Administration
		GameSpot Incorporated

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