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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject RE: User-agent percentages?
Date Tue, 26 May 1998 14:36:37 GMT
The trick is to look up a set of lesser clients in one of 
the search engines along with a date, for example:  
   lynx & wisewire & contype & notes & march
at altavista's advance search.  

Then pick some report that admits to a large sample, for example:    
if you poke around you can usually find a site the has 
users drawn from a population similar to the one you 
think your serving.   There are sites
where aol, or microsoft hold huge percentages.

The bottom line: 1 out of 20 still use the Netscape 2 family 
probably these include all your relatives, your banker, the
machine in the demo room, and the boss.

   - ben hyde

Who owns the Internet?  68% of executives
thought it was owned by a corporation 23% said 
Microsoft, where as 98% of sixth graders knew 
no one owned it.  (Newsweek)

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