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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Compile failure
Date Sun, 17 May 1998 14:05:23 GMT
Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:
> In article <> you wrote:
> >> mod_include.c:789: too few arguments to function `ap_call_exec'
> >>
> >> In mod_cgi we call it with 5 arguments:
> >> mod_cgi.c:    child_pid = ap_call_exec(r, pinfo, argv0, env, 0);
> >>
> >> and in mod_include only with 4:
> >> mod_include.c:    child_pid = ap_call_exec(r,s,ap_create_environment(r->pool,
env), 1);
> >>
> >> Looks like argv0 is missing in mod_include.
> > Nah. What is missing is the new pinfo - give it a NULL for now:
> > child_pid = ap_call_exec(r,NULL,s,ap_create_environment(r->pool, env),
> > 1);
> > which will do until someone fixes it for Win32...
> What's going on here, Ben? If NULL is ok here, please commit it this way or
> fix it in another way. But I think its totally unacceptable to have a broken
> compile situation and no one fixes it.

So fix it. I get to fix it every time someone breaks it on Win32 (well,
me or one of the other Win32 developers), what makes you think it should
be different when it is the other way around?

> I'm already wondering why 1.3b7 is not
> rolled by Jim or Brian, but I'm even more wondering that we have a source now
> which fails to compile and no one fixes it. Hmmm... please commit the correct
> fix now, Ben. Thanks.

It works on the platform I'm developing on. You make it work on the
platform you are developing on. I could commit the fix I've suggested,
but since I wouldn't have tested it, that wouldn't really be the right
thing to do, would it?

Better yet would be to make mod_include use BUFF, then it'd work on
Win32, too.



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