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From (Wan-Teh Chang)
Subject Re: non-blocking pipe on win32
Date Wed, 13 May 1998 17:28:06 GMT
Out of curiosity, I looked at the mailslot docs a little more.
There are at least two gotchas:
- It is an unreliable datagram service.  Of course, one could argue
  that on a local machine there is no reason to lose mailslot datagrams.

  But this needs to be clarified.
- It is message-based.  This means if you read from it with too small
  a buffer, read will fail.  You must supply a buffer large enough to
  the incoming message.

   What does this mean?  This means that the CGI program's stdin
   cannot be a mailslot handle, otherwise the CGI program may fail
   if it reads from stdin one byte at a time.

So it appears that you would need a setup like this:
    server  ===> CGI stdin: an unamed pipe
    server <===  CGI stdout: a mailslot, so that server reads can time

Anyway, just some random thoughts.  I have never used mailslots
before, so I don't even know what the performance implications


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