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From (Wan-Teh Chang)
Subject Re: inherited file descriptors on win32...
Date Sun, 10 May 1998 19:21:18 GMT
Win32 handles are by default non-inheritable across CreateProcess,
sort of the opposite of Unix's default  -- inheritable unless
flag is on.

In NSPR, I think I haven't dealt with this issue.  It would be expensive

to enforce a consistent behavior across all platforms.  If you pick the
Unix defautl, then you lose on NT, and vice versa.  So my plan (not
implemented) is to have such a notion of descriptor/handle
in NSPR:
    typedef enum {
    } PRFileDescInheritibility;

All PRFileDesc's would be created with the default
maps to the respective default on Unix and NT.
If you really want to make a descriptor/handle
inheritable or uninheritable by a child process, you
need to call a funciton to set the flag.

By the way, Dean, the process management and file
descriptor inheritance functions in NSPR are not used
by any products.  The process management
functions (create, wait, kill) are all implemented.
The descriptor inheritance functions (they might be
"process attributes") are not completely implemented
yet.  I think I only implemented standard I/O redirection.
But it is not hard to implement the remaining ones for
Unix and Win32.


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