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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject 1.3b8 ==> 1.3.0
Date Fri, 29 May 1998 07:41:48 GMT

Proposal: the next release is 1.3.0, not 1.3b8.


  a) the fallout from the significant child_spawn changes have been settled
  b) STATUS is looking fairly clean, all things considered. Still have a
Win95 showstopper, but if no one wants to deal with it...
  c) bug reports are starting to decline in seriousness.
  d) We have this morbid fear of x.y.1 releases we need to get over.  Fact
is there are people who won't use .0 of any product, but will wait for .1,
.2, maybe even .3 or .4.  Remember Apache 1.2.0?
  e) everyone and their dog wants to move on to 2.0.


There are a few more patches to integrate, a few cleanups and audits that
should be done.  As RM I should have realized I was going to be out of town
Sunday through Wednesday, so a June 1st release would not work.  June 5th?


pure chewing satisfaction                        

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