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From Lou Langholtz <>
Subject Re: Setting ScriptAlias confounds lock_fname resulting in server that wont start
Date Tue, 26 May 1998 07:31:32 GMT
I've solved the problem with the 1.3b6 Apache server I built. After much
debugging (the errant code manifested itself in a land far far away :-),
heres the fix to src/main/alloc.c that fixes the problem for me...

249>diff alloc.c.b4ldl alloc.c
<     memcpy(nblok->h.first_avail, strp, cur_len);
>     memcpy(nblok->h.first_avail, blok->h.first_avail, cur_len);

Please someone with cvs update privi's let me know when this has been
verified and something like it at least applied. Thanks ;-)

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