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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [PATCH] Make ErrorDocuments work for Proxy Errors
Date Sat, 23 May 1998 01:37:16 GMT
The appended patch addresses a couple of deficiencies of the proxy module
as it is today:
*   Proxy errors cannot be caught and returned with a nicer ErrorDocument
    wrapper. The reason for this is that mod_proxy uses its own error
    routine (because the canned 500 response is inappropriate and
    unsufficient to display the extra information about the proxy failure

    The patch allows mod_proxy to return the error reason to the
    ap_send_error_response() by using an r->notes string called
    "proxy-error". This string is passed to CGI scripts / ErrorDocuments
    in a newly created "extra" environment variable "REDIRECT_PROXY_ERROR".
    The generated TITLE and H1 tags can now be overridden by setting
    r->status_line to a message in the "nnn Reason" format.
    This allows mod_proxy to return a "500 Proxy Error" in the TITLE and
    H1 tags instead of the canned "500 Internal Server Error".

*   The proxy-private error logger ap_proxy_log_uerror() was removed, the
    normal ap_log_error() is used for error outputs now.

*   Many messages were updated to be more informative.

If you know some "secrets" about why the proxy private logging must *not*
be replaced by ap_log_error(), please share them with me ;-)

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