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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject Re: chdir isn't thead specific
Date Thu, 07 May 1998 14:06:16 GMT

Are people comfortable with moving to a model where the CGI script's working
directory is different in differing process models.

I think it's a bizzare idea.

Somebody 1 say...
> I honestly wouldn't worry too much about chdir on Win32.  Most of the
> servers out there (for Win32) do not do the chdir for you.  Our app uses

Somebody 2 say...
>It seems like left as-is it could cause some problems for heavy CGI users;
>for 1.3.0 we either serialize this or declare that win32 CGI's need to do
>their own chdir's.

Somebody 3 say...
> I'd suggest that CGI/1.2 is broken then for
>making this a requirement

Somebody 4 say...
> As far as Apache goes, CGI/1.2 is not around right
> now, so I'd take the chdir thing off of the showstopper list and deal with
> it in Apache 2.0 / NSPR.

>From where I sit the vast installed base of Apache
CGI scripts would seem to force the issue.  For example
how is the ISP manager expected to handle the upgrade
if he has to:

 1. Tell all his customers to revisit their scripts.
 2. They then have to find the labor that wrote them.
 3. Then they have to revise them.
 4. The ISP guy has to proof read the ones he doesn't 
 5. Then he can switch over.

Of course this event is defered until such time as we offer him an better
process model.  That just means your taking the short term pleasure of avoiding
the issue now in exchange for a pain inflicted on the customers latter.

I'd propose that we must serialize the ownership of the current 
working dir per process.

  - ben hyde

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