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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject RE: MSDOS File System Curiosities (was Showstoppers)
Date Wed, 06 May 1998 19:46:07 GMT

Andy Finkenstadt wrote:
> It gets even worse!  Any filename COMPONENT in the entire path triggers this
> problem.  E.g.:
>   GET /con/aux/index.html HTTP/1.0

David D'Antonio wrote:
> My guess is that this is less of a problem on WinNT than for Win95, which still
> has DOS underneath the fancy skin.

I found doc with "general guidelines" for long filenames that states
"do not use" for "all windows systems" the "reserve words, such as
aux, con, and prn" for "filenames or directory names".

That's compatible with Ben Laurie's observation:
> Guess again. WinNT still believes in \any\real\path\con.ext. "type lpt1"
> causes my shell to hang irretrievably.

The code to catch these filenames is sufficently hairy that maybe it
can become a performance issue and Dean will volunteer to write it. :-)

While it is still unclear if this is a problem within the POSIX
subsystem it is a moot point.  I think, we are going to go more native
soon for an assortment of compelling reasons.

Meanwhile it still is a puzzlement how to generate the list of
"reserve words."  In another part of the "doc" very similar to the
"general guidelines" it says "do not use device names."

Andy Finkenstadt:
> Sigh.  The device header chain is going to have to be followed to build the
> list of special filenames / devices at runtime, since EMMXXXX0 is also
> reserved whenever EMM386 (extended memory manager) is loaded or emulated in
> both 95 and NT.

Oh bleck.

A first pass at this should just be a long static list of "device names"
to avoid (at minimum to avoid having the list be too terribly unstable
from site to site).

Then we can have a race between releasing it or somebody offering up
the code to gin up the dynamic list of device names.  It's a plan.
Achieves the most important thing - get's this off Showstoppers.

 - ben hyde

p.s. My coworkers are finding this problem very amusing.

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