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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (apache-1.3) Fri May 1 23:45:24 EDT 1998
Date Tue, 05 May 1998 19:50:28 GMT
On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 02:59:21PM -0500, Ivan Richwalski wrote:
> 	I'm also seeing some strange semi-random core dumps occuring
> on our web server too.  I have all of the modules compiled as shared
> libs, and only load the ones we need at run-time.  I haven't recompiled
> yet with -DPOOL_DEBUG and -DALLOC_DEBUG, but here's the how things are
> setup now:

Mine are static, but I have the same module set, plus proxy and loggers

>       I've been trying to catch the problem using truss to trace all of
> the system calls that the server uses with this command:
> 	truss -o httpd.log -r all -w all -fp `cat logs/`

Very good! Only, I didn't find a reason in them why apache would SEGV (as
expected, since it seems not to be directly related to specific URLs).
The SEGV trace is a request "GET / HTTP/1.0" which can (probably) be tried
over and over again without a dump. *Somewhere* we're corrupting memory,
and much later does it cause apache to trip over it.

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