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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3 STATUS
Date Tue, 05 May 1998 02:30:34 GMT
Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> >
> >Yeah, I saw that and mentioned it in one of the follow-ups. My suggestion
> >was that ap_pcfg_openfile have another parameter that determines if
> >the fstat actually be done, that way we can use it as needed but
> >we don't get the performance hit when we don't... Course, if it's
> >used only for config-file opens then it's not that big a deal. :)
> When would you not want to check to see if a file you're opening is a
> device?  Maybe when we have a metadata cache, perhaps.... but for now we
> should just put in a check like what was in Martin's patch.  Since opening
> the config file happens only rarely, I'm +1 for taking Martin's
> "unvoted_DISALLOW_DEVICE_ACCESS" out of IFDEF's.

Sorry if I wasn't clear... for the config-files, it's most likely
safe and "best" to only allow for /dev/null and no other device
files. Since ap_pcfg_openfile() is only done for config files, it's
not a big deal doing the fstat and is, in fact, wise, hence the

I was talking more a general comment on adding this to our general
fopen utils.

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