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From "David D'Antonio" <>
Subject Re: Win32: signalling restart & shutdown
Date Tue, 19 May 1998 15:44:42 GMT

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From: Paul Sutton <>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 11:33 AM
Subject: Re: Win32: signalling restart & shutdown

>On Tue, 19 May 1998, David D'Antonio wrote:
>> Didn't Paul say something about the PID being used as part of
>> the event? 
>> Or did I misread the message?
>Yeah, it reads the PID. So in theory it is multi-instance safe.  But the
>registry only has one key for Apache, so when started as a service you can
>only have one copy (also the service name is fixed at "Apache", so another
>thing forcing you to only have on running copy at once).

This is what I thought. I suppose, were one desperate enough, one could run
multiple instances on Win9x...:-)

I personally don't think many folks are going to
run multiple servers on NT, but hey...The tray app was originally designed to
talk to a service, but if people find it useful, I suppose it can be changed to
handle non-services on NT.



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