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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3 STATUS
Date Tue, 07 Apr 1998 22:57:23 GMT
The situation is sufficently degraded I'd suggest people forswore:
swearing, emotional statements directed at other, statements about
other personality, and most all humor (particularly teasing).

Ben Laurie wrote:
>Much as I sympathise
> ... I
>think it clarifies the situation:
> ...6. ...

I think this is constructive, thank you.

>We need to do something about overloaded function names.
>1. We need to do something about overloaded function names.
>2. Using a header to redefine them is attractive, but breaks things.
>3. Therefore they need to be renamed in place.
>4. Predicting _what_ may need renaming is difficult, so
>5. We should rename all exported functions.
>6. We must, therefore, choose a renaming scheme.

That strikes me as about right.  My preception is that various
people part company with this at each point, and then become more
uncomfortable as each of the remaining steps fall into place.

Personally part of what I find draining about problems like this
is that I have to beat my own intuitions into submission so
that the group can come to closure.  That's hard because I don't
want to accumulate a bag of bitters that steam up latter.  It's
hard because over the long term I have to hold a design in my
head that isn't in perfect synch with my intuitions.  But it's
part of the job.

I am worried that the API design black hole will swallow the
"do something about overloaded function names" project.  Each
time this project stumbles the chance it will fall into that
darkness increases.  I hope that other fear the size and 
complexity of that as much as I do.

I am less worried how long this takes to resolve.  Getting
the Group to work thru the issue is a long term good much
more important than the short term pleasure of escaping the

That "ap_" is already taken... damn I'm sorry I didn't notice
that sooner.  Possibly it would be sufficently self deprecating
for the entire group to adopt "pp_ as a prefix (damn - broke
two of my rules in one sentence).

>Or have I lost it completely? Or should I just shut my big mouth?

Oh, no.


for once I aggree entirely.

 - ben hyde

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