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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject another --compat issue...
Date Mon, 20 Apr 1998 15:28:03 GMT

Using "configure --compat --prefix=/tmp/web" gives me the following

 Installation paths:
               prefix: /tmp/web
          exec_prefix: /tmp/web
               bindir: /tmp/web/bin
              sbindir: /tmp/web/bin
           libexecdir: /tmp/web/bin
               mandir: /tmp/web/man
           sysconfdir: /tmp/web/conf/apache
              datadir: /tmp/web/apache
        localstatedir: /tmp/web/apache
           includedir: /tmp/web/include/apache

 Compilation paths:
           HTTPD_ROOT: /tmp/web
           SUEXEC_BIN: /tmp/web/bin/suexec
      SHARED_CORE_DIR: /tmp/web/bin
       DEFAULT_PIDLOG: apache/logs/
   DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD: apache/logs/httpd.scoreboard
     DEFAULT_LOCKFILE: apache/logs/httpd.lock
      DEFAULT_XFERLOG: apache/logs/access_log
     DEFAULT_ERRORLOG: apache/logs/error_log
    TYPES_CONFIG_FILE: conf/apache/mime.types
   SERVER_CONFIG_FILE: conf/apache/httpd.conf
   ACCESS_CONFIG_FILE: conf/apache/access.conf
 RESOURCE_CONFIG_FILE: conf/apache/srm.conf

As far as I understand the intention of --compat the "/apache"
suffix should be removed from sysconfdir, datadir, localstatedir
and includedir to match the layout from Apache 1.2.

Additionally libexecdir should be set to PREFIX/libexec,
because we never had that stuff in 1.2 and there is no need
to clutter bin with all those .so files. 

Lars Eilebrecht                           - I have always been crazy,                       - but it kept me from going insane.

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