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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject apaci
Date Wed, 22 Apr 1998 19:47:03 GMT
Someone I know just tried APACI... and his comments are below.  Ralf,
don't take this the wrong way.  I think APACI is a good start... but I'm
concerned that the documentation oversells it to the point that folks
think it is the only way to do things.  Maybe it just needs to be made
more obvious that folks can continue to use the old method. 


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Man the apaci stuff looked good on paper, but man it is ugly to use.  I've
never ever used such an unfriendly configuration interface in my life.  I'm
am embarased that this is even seen by a user.  To put commetns like this is
the wonderful future in the instructions is a joke, and a bad joke.

Ease of use grade = F

I understand the problems and the documentation does make it look like a
good solution but it is evil.  A product such as apache needs incremental
configuration, and there is no excuse to deny that.  And to *remove* the
Configuration.apaci file on a "config --help" is a total joke!

I'm sending this to you 'cause I have to vent, please ignore it if you

A) It provies no additional functionality over Configuration other than
   shortcuts.  The standard way to do this is via templates - not magic

B) The lack of incremental change means it is useless as a configuration API
   for other scripts.  It is not abstracting the config file in a useful way
   for a GUI or a menu.  A front end must keep state, so now the GUI has to
   still do this.  Look at Linux for a far better example.

C) The complexity of installation has increased with no gain to users or

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So I gave up, did a "cd src; vi Configuration; blah blah" and was up and
running in 15 minutes :/ why did I waste the hour and a half reading a
fucking with apaci?

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