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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject pthread update
Date Sat, 18 Apr 1998 20:46:09 GMT
Ok, I'm successfully running zeusbench against it, 10 simultaneous
clients, for 60 seconds without crashes.  Performance is slightly worse
than a non-threaded apache (they're both right around 1200r/s on this p-ii
266Mhz, 128Mb SDRAM system, across loopback, 6k file, linux 2.0.34pre8). 
I'm not sure why yet -- that's what I'll be working on next. 

I was getting so confused wandering around http_main.c that I decided to
just create an os/pthread directory and move http_main.c to it, and tear
out anything I wasn't needing.  It would be excellent if http_main could
be split up into win32 specific stuff, unix specific stuff, and common

Here's a list of what has needed attention so far: 

- ap_get_time() cannot be made thread-safe without putting the ctime
result into thread local store... I didn't care to do that.  Instead I
changed it to pass in a buffer, and use ctime_r().   (This is probably
needed by WIN32)

- ap_ht_time(), ap_gm_timestr_822(), and ap_get_gmtoff() need to use the
localtime_r() and gmtime_r() functions to be threadsafe.  (These are
probably needed by WIN32.) 

- http_main.c stuff:
    - a bunch of crud needs to be in thread local store, so I moved it
      there... and I created the tls() macro to access thread local
    - ptrans has two incompatible uses -- during configuration in the
      parent it's used for the temporary pool that is deleted at the
      end of config.  In child_main it's used for the per-transaction
      pool.  I split up the two uses, and made "ptrans" a local to
      child_main.  This was the major bug that held me back a few
      days ago.
    - skip detach() because I'm not sure the fork() works right with
      the threads

- alloc.c: there's a race in clear_pool() that needs to be cleaned up,
  I removed the locks that the win32 port uses to deal with it...
  because I'm going to be doing the full lockless solution Ben Hyde
  and I talked about.

I'm working on a redhat 5.0 system with the latest updates installed, plus
I installed a 2.0.34pre8 kernel with one tweak that lets gdb attach to
threads.  Here's the Configuration settings I'm using: 

EXTRA_CFLAGS=-Wall -Wshadow -Wmissing-prototypes -pipe -fno-common -DTOP_FUEL -DLTHREAD -D_REENTRANT
EXTRA_LDFLAGS=-g -Wl,-Map -Wl,

The rest is stock Configuration.  I'm using conf/highperformance.conf and
have no intention of trying the default configuration for some time... I'm
only thinking about serving static content at the moment. 

The patch can be found at:

Remember to use the -p option to patch to create the os/pthread directory. 
The patch should work fine against current cvs HEAD. 

Time to enjoy some sunshine! 


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