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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: whatever
Date Thu, 09 Apr 1998 01:27:11 GMT
On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> Dean Gaudet wrote:
> > 
> > So yeah, if I don't consider your vote/opinion to be of equal value as
> > others, then well, maybe this explains why.
> > 
> Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that you were operating under the Apache
> Group guidelines, which states that every developer's votes
> and opinions are just as important as everyone elses. My
> mistake. I didn't realize that we signed over Apache to you.

Yep Jim, I wish I had your grasp of the english language.  You'll note I
said "if *I* don't consider your vote...".  I said nothing about the group
as a whole.  That means that I won't act on something that you think is a
good idea unless others support it.  That doesn't mean that someone else
won't act on it.

> Would you also direct this to Brian or Alexie or Ben ??

Absolutely not.  And neither would I have directed it at you 6 months to a
year ago.  It's just that I've noticed a recurring pattern in the
arguments... and that is that you are always there to fuel them.  It
doesn't matter what the argument is about, you insist on playing Devil's
Advocate.  I'm not interested in that point of view at all.

And don't go holding any "listen I've been here since the beginning" crap
over my head.  Right place and right time maybe.  Maybe you did do
something three years ago.  But beginning with January 1996 when the cvs
logs begin, you're but a small contributor.  You probably have fewer
contributions than Lars for example. 

So excuse me for thinking that the "in" group which has the votes should
have some turnover at some point.  Put up or shut up. 


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