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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject hello to the lurkers, comments please
Date Tue, 07 Apr 1998 18:57:34 GMT
Hi there lurkers, and folks just not interested in saying a thing during
these Holy Naming Wars.  I'd like your input.  I hope you're still there. 
Send it to me privately if you want, and I will strip your names and
forward the results to the list.  Here's a little questionaire. 


1) Do you feel that the Apache group is behaving like:
  (a) pre-teens
  (b) rebellious teenagers
  (c) young ideallistic adults
  (d) mature adults
  (e) idiots

2) Are you happy using a product which is clearly managed by bumbling fools
   that can't make any decisions?
  (a) yes, it still is a cool webserver
  (b) no, no matter how cool it is

3) Oh hey, do you want to vote for the two naming proposals?
  (a) I believe that documentation is the place to define the API, and I
      really just want a solution to the name space collision issues, so I
      would like everything to be prefixed ap_.  I recognize that this is
      a time-honoured solution, even ANSI and POSIX use this technique,
      a leading _ is protected namespace, but by no means does it mean that
      the function/keyword is private.

  (b) I believe that we should spend a bunch of effort right now deciding
      what is part of the API, and what isn't, and what won't ever be part
      of the API, and we should include this information as documentation
      in the symbols.  I clearly don't believe that documentation is

4) Do you feel that watching Apache make a decision is a lot like watching
   government try to accomplish anything?
   (a) yes
   (b) no

5) Do you think that the development guidelines
   <> are a sign of a
   dysfunctional group who can't trust each other?
   (a) yes
   (b) no

6) (essay) Compare and contrast the terms "democracy" and "meritocracy".

7) (essay) Do you have any suggestions as to how improve the Apache
   development process?

8) Would you like to start working on Apache 2.0?
   (a) Yes I think that would be cool.
   (b) No, I think you're a bunch of losers I'm going to join some other
       httpd effort.
   (c) No, I just like to watch the fighting.
   (d) What is Apache 2.0?

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