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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: pthread update
Date Mon, 20 Apr 1998 11:02:04 GMT
> Yeah I want to play a while longer, but I was tempted to start building
> a tree in the 2.0 repository so that it's easier for folks to track what
> I'm up to... 

Thats a good idea, I've been playing with the stuff and NSPR but it would
be nice to be able to have the abstraction committed so it is easier to

> process/single or process/inetd would be fine.  Actually I thought a
> better name than process/multiprocess is process/prefork. 

yeah, process/single is good.  Do you really want process/pthread (and
then process/nspr etc.) or just process/threaded?  Lots of the stuff
between particular threading libraries (TLS etc.) is going to be common
and the Win32 multithreading stuff should go in to. 

How robust is pthreads if one of the threads gets stuck?  We should keep
something similar to the multiprocess/multithread structure that the win32
stuff uses in order to at least carry on serving if a complete process
dies/hangs.  Thats why I hooked the initial NSPR testing into the


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