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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: Win32 binary
Date Sat, 18 Apr 1998 16:55:25 GMT
On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Frank Faubert wrote:
> The installer looks very good and works well on my system (NT 4.0 SP3).  I
> did notice a few things which you may or may not care about for the beta
> release:

Thanks for trying it!

> * Selecting "Yes, I want to view the README file" doesn't do anything at the
> end of the installation.

That may be because the README is called README.NT and you haven't got a
viewer for .NT files? I thought it might pop-up a "what do you want to run
to open this" type dialog, though. 

Coming from a Unix world I get annoying with the "extensions are magic" 
concept, so whenever I double-click something and get the dialog I
automatically set it to either notepad or wordpad. Actually windows uses a
"dots in filenames are magic" concept -- try creating a file starting with
a dot in explorer, or downloading a file called "something.tar.gz"!

Anyway, we probably need to special-case README.NT in the NT build by
renaming it to README.TXT. Unfortunately I don't think that IS2 is clever
enough to be told one filename to read and other to install to, so this'll
be an additional step in the build process on win32. 

> * Apache does not start (due to the lack of a valid DocRoot) if you select
> Compact or Custom and deselect Documentation.

Umm, good point. There should probably be an empty htdocs dir as part of
one of the required packages. But I'm not sure whether IS2 will handle the
same directory name in multiple components. Actually I wonder if this is
risky for people doing upgrades -- they may already have all their own
data in htdocs and the tyoical install will overwrite it with the Apache
manuals.  Perhaps the manuals shouldn't be in the htdocs -- say put them
in ServerRoot/manuals. Then add "Alias /docs ServerRoot/manuals" as a
directive in httpd.conf?? This might apply for Unix installs as well. 

> * The default directory for me was D:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache but
> it displayed "Decompressing files in D:\Program Files\Apache" while copying
> files.

Um, I don't think we have any control over that dialog.

> * Should the install program prompt the user as to how they would like
> Apache installed (Application, SysTray, Service, etc).  This is what
> O'Reilly's WebSite does.

Yep, good idea. The installer-DLL could possibly be extended to do that, I

> * Should the install program automatically install the service instead of
> having a shortcut on the start menu?  If so, it should also start the
> service at the end of the install, or at the very least ask the user if it
> should be started.

Yeah, another job for the installer. It could just system "Apache -s -d
...." after the install is finished.

> * Should the uninstall program remove Apache from the Service table?  After
> un-installing Apache I still have a (now defunct) entry in my Services table
> for Apache.  Most NT users aren't going to be able to get rid of that by
> themselves.

Um, again I don't think we have any control over what the de-installer


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