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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject we're switching
Date Wed, 01 Apr 1998 09:49:28 GMT


Palo Alto (AP) - Cyberdyne Systems, Inc (NYSE: CYDN) announced today that
it had secured a five-year contract to provide enabling technology to the
Internet Movie Database, Ltd (IMDb). 

Under the terms of the agreement, the exact details of which were not
disclosed, Cyberdyne would provide IMDb with a number of its next-
generation "SkyNet" servers, to be deployed at all IMDb mirror sites
around the world.  It is believed that the IMDb's use of SkyNet will
provide Cyberdyne with much-needed calibration data, which they were
unable to get from their only other client, the US Department of

The US Government's landmark Supreme Court victory last year that denied
Cyberdyne access to their own machines - in violation of a written
agreement - has long irked Cyberdyne Technical Director Miles Dyson.
"SkyNet was designed as a global network, and only realizes its full
potential when heavily loaded in multiple locations around the world.  We
thought the Pentagon was the only organization big enough to really push
SkyNet to the limit, but then we found the IMDb. It was perfect:
international, frequently used, and with extremely high-tech demands."

Chief Web Designer of the IMDb, Rob Hartill, was eagerly looking forward
to the arrival of the new machines. "We're glad to have the extra web
server muscle that SkyNet will provide.  When we use it to run our new
AI-enabled Apache server code, we're expecting real fireworks!" 

Hartill was unfazed by critic's concerns that they would have trouble
supplying SkyNet's energy demands. "These days, 1.21 Gigawatts is nothing. 
In fact, we've already had discussions with Benthic Petroleum and TecTel
Systems about just this."

The system is expected to be installed by August 4th, 1998, with public
www access planned for August 29th the same year.  The Pentagon has
tentatively accepted a proposal to link the two SkyNet systems on this
later date.

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