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From Marc Slemko <>
Date Thu, 16 Apr 1998 03:49:59 GMT
On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, Manoj Kasichainula wrote:

> Another consideration I'll throw in at random is that if the added
> string can be disabled, there is a possibility that more users of one
> OS than another will disable it, skewing statistics. But, I'm sure
> that survey takers know how to take these sorts of skews in results
> into account.

Snicker.  I have seen survey takers too dumb to take into account the fact
that some servers they were connecting to didn't exist, so don't expect
too much.

But, either way, I wouldn't worry to much about that.  The way it looks to
me is that (after b6 goes out) if someone does the work to do a
Unix/Win32 and perhaps OS/2 solution then there is the support to put it

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