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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject FAQ entry on CGIs
Date Sat, 11 Apr 1998 06:31:40 GMT
It says:

       In some situations it can be not conform to your local policy to
       actually allow all files named "*.cgi" to be executable. Perhaps
       all you want is to enable a particular file in a normal directory
       to be executable. This can be alternatively accomplished via
       mod_rewrite and the following steps:                              
         1. Locally add to the corresponding .htaccess file a ruleset    
            similar to this one:                                  

                      RewriteEngine on                                   
                      RewriteBase /~foo/bar/                      
                      RewriteRule ^quux\.cgi$ -                    

         2. Make sure that the directory location is covered by an     
            Options declaration that includes the ExecCGI and      
            FollowSymLinks option.                                       

The problem with this is twofold; first it implies that doing this
may be desirable when you don't want to allow users to execute
CGIs, when this doesn't do that.  Second, it uses mod_rewrite
gratuitously; a ForceType should work just as well and is easier
than having people who don't need mod_rewrite try to figure it

Oh, and the grammar isn't great in the first sentence.

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