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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject zdnet review online
Date Thu, 09 Apr 1998 14:56:02 GMT

Apache on Solaris was the top CGI performer.

The quote both netcraft and zona's numbers, and claim zonas are
authoritative for intranets.  Gee, the fact that they only surveyed 279
"IT managers" may have something to do with how bogus they are.

Unfortunately, Apache didn't keep up performance wise  Never knew
they were doing Apache on Solaris too.

Note that Apache on Solaris was the top CGI performer, with Apache on
Linux a touch behind.  

"Apache on Solaris turned in a good performance, finishing in the
lower middle of the pack"

Note that WebTen had a higher performance than Apache until it hit a lot
of clients.  Was probably running with Squid?

Apache comments
are at  

The final comments:

	The principal strength that makes Linux an excellent development
	platform is its low-level access for developers and Web administrators.
	The product's performance running dynamic Web sites bears that out.
	On the Red Hat version, developers get full support for CGI, Perl,
	TCL, a built-in C or C++ compiler, and an Apache server API on a
	par with ISAPI and NSAPI for developing server-side components. A
	SQL database, PostgreSQL 6.2.1, which features database management
	and a visual query builder, is also included and had no problem
	handling a data-driven sample Web site for our testing script.

Overall, they didn't commit any real errors and it is a step
in the right direction.  

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