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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject list of open PRs.
Date Fri, 10 Apr 1998 03:46:26 GMT
Close a PR, any PR.  Some of the more complicated ones are a good way for
people interested to start jumping in.  

Close a PR and get four free gluons and a couple of mesons of your choice.

 Num Category State    Sypnosis
2024 apache-a feedback adding auth_why to conn_rec
1158 apache-a open     improvements to child spawning API
1409 config   analyzed Unable to get it to compile
1630 config   analyzed Full status reports are not enabled even with rule STATU
1758 config   analyzed mp3 files are not supported in the default mime.types co
1941 config   analyzed AllowOverride ignored in <Directory ~ pattern> and <Dire
 953 config   feedback Migrating from 1.1.3 -> 1.2.1 breaks all my _NON_ virtua
1554 config   feedback missing regex.h
1561 config   feedback Apache will not run with negative group id.
1756 config   feedback accept: (client socket): Operation not supported on t
1780 config   feedback mod_dbm error
2008 config   feedback DocumentRoot in <VirtualHost> takes over the ServerRoot 
 783 config   open     RLimitMEM, RLimitCPU, hard limit ignored when userid is 
1386 config   open     Using Socks5 instead of Socks4
1552 config   open     Server exiting
1314 document analyzed DEC OSF/1 seems to be hanged after 5-7 hours after Apach
1668 document analyzed mirrors incorrectly
1121 document open     Details of using MS Dev Studio too slight.
1148 document open     mod_dll's doc says it isn't included, but it is, in defa
1773 document open     IdentityCheck directive not really allowed inside .htacc
1868 document open     syntax for regex's is hard to find
1952 document open     interaction between "allow/deny" and "require" is not cl
1992 document open     Missing link to manual/misc/known_client_problems.html
 792 general  analyzed race condition with SIGUSR1 graceful restart
1171 general  analyzed wrong SCRIPT_URI when portnumber != 80
1305 general  analyzed Apache is *very* unprotected against characters with 8bi
1443 general  analyzed child processes going to disk, gradually making server u
1474 general  analyzed No logging when killing above MaxSpareServers -- suggest
1750 general  analyzed Configure encourages changes, but I can't find a suitabl
1764 general  analyzed refer to problem 880, compile error on HPUX system
1802 general  analyzed apache looses children
1932 general  analyzed fills up error file at amazing rate
1937 general  analyzed apache stops creating new childs
1965 general  analyzed Responding to a form (METHOD=POST) 'submit' ignored - no
1967 general  analyzed Server parent process fails when multiple SIGUSR1's caug
1977 general  analyzed It hangs intermittantly.  When hung apache will not serv
1982 general  analyzed HostnameLookups ignored
1997 general  analyzed The http daemon is not working while producing errors in
1998 general  analyzed The directory-listing is not coming correctly
1999 general  analyzed Messages in error logfile.
1150 general  feedback Many people limited to ASCII and English language
1262 general  feedback Vhost overlap reports indistinguishable and to stderr on
1540 general  feedback Apache stops to respond on virtual interfaces
1587 general  feedback Error in document being served from 1.3b3, that does not
1768 general  feedback Virtual hosts not properly recognised
1791 general  feedback Server hangs when a socket is hung in a CLOSE_WAIT state
1877 general  feedback http://hostname:port/~username  not found
1911 general  feedback Can't download a file from the apache server with MSIE 4
1912 general  feedback After about 2 days the apache process loses its group pe
1913 general  feedback Set gid: Invalid argument.  Unable to set group id
 754 general  open     GMT timestamps sometimes falsely claim to be PDT
 793 general  open     RLimitCPU and RLimitMEM don't apply to all children like
1204 general  open     regerror() exists, use it
1206 general  open     where possible use herror()
1457 general  open     Featrure Request: Install programs in /usr/local/apache/
1859 general  open     Version nbr not consistent
1879 general  open     .map files cause internal server error
1938 general  open     Directory/Location match becomes fail if DocumentRoot ha
1973 general  open     bind: Address family not supported by protocol family, h
1990 general  open     Pb during step 3of the installation procedure
2030 general  open     spelling error possibilities include files that shouldn'
2035 general  open     Configuration
1907 mod_alia open     ScriptAlias and Non-IP VirtualHost
1556 mod_auth feedback Authentication requires multiple tries on IE3.n, Netscap
1860 mod_auth feedback DBM Authentication not working...
1897 mod_auth feedback LocationMatch regex problem
1671 mod_auth open     .htaccess files may not use CRNLs.
1672 mod_auth open     Authentication / .htaccess DoS attack
1809 mod_auth open     Suggestion for improving authentication modules and core
1978 mod_auth open     mod_auth_dbm authentication algorithm incompatible with 
2027 mod_auth open     Authentication via mod_auth_dbm fails.
2040 mod_auth open     with auth_db, if -ldb is linked, apache cannot find DEFA
1898 mod_auto analyzed AddDescription Wildcard Expression
1465 mod_auto open     default values for IconHeight/Width not plugged in
1829 mod_auto open     <Location> and regexes have changed the meaning of cmd_p
1939 mod_auto open     if ReadmeName is a directory, it is handled as a normal 
1949 mod_auto open     patch for mod_autoindex to allow length of filenames to 
1979 mod_auto open     Change of behavior for listings with SuppressDescription
 543 mod_cgi  analyzed "%2F" not allowed in VGI script PATH_INFO
 607 mod_cgi  analyzed ScriptLog and stderr don't work well together
1291 mod_cgi  feedback CGI problems are reported as "Server problem - contact t
1640 mod_cgi  feedback cgi's are sent as text/plain
1972 mod_cgi  open     (RFE) There is no way to pass HTTP Auth information to a
2015 mod_dir  open     In a direcotry index with IconsAreLInks, the link for th
 697 mod_incl analyzed A security tweak I've been using for a few years for SSI
 784 mod_incl analyzed IncludesNOEXEC prohibits execution of Action in <!--#inc
1182 mod_incl analyzed SSI: include virtual doesn't handle SCRIPT_NAME correctl
1921 mod_incl analyzed '$' is not recognized as 'end of line' in regex matching
1803 mod_incl open     patches to mod_include to allow for file tests
2037 mod_incl open     Including /some_file results in SIGSEGV
 963 mod_info analyzed The data under the section 'Current Configuration' does 
1645 mod_log- analyzed Tabs in CustomLog format converted to spaces in log file
1908 mod_log- analyzed %p in LogFormat isn't replaced with the right port
1492 mod_log- feedback Suggestion: mod_log_config format extension
1569 mod_log- feedback IP address incorrectly recorded in access_log
1708 mod_log- feedback errorlog reporting
1811 mod_log- feedback Referer Log, logs to much...
1598 mod_log- open     <cr> or maybe <lf> in url causes line break in log file
1670 mod_log- open     Double quotes in HTTP request line bungle common log
1947 mod_log- open     RefererIgnore Directive (NCSA compatible) needs case che
2026 mod_log- open     Max log file size is 2,147,483,616 (2^31 - 32) bytes
1799 mod_mime analyzed mod_mime's mapping to handler and content_type gets conf
1559 mod_mime feedback Language negotiation requires the language name to follo
1875 mod_mime open     Not reading mime.types
1031 mod_nego analyzed Content negotiation don't work with error documents
1053 mod_nego open     "Negotiated" DirectoryIndex file listed in error if inac
1987 mod_nego open     Apache dumps core when handling unacceptable variants
 314 mod_prox analyzed Truncated (short/invalid) files are proxy-cached. Ought 
 505 mod_prox analyzed proxy ftp does not work with anonftpd server by D. J. Be
 668 mod_prox analyzed Two problems with user:password@host URLs
 671 mod_prox analyzed server access restrictions apply to proxy requests
 700 mod_prox analyzed Proxy doesn't do links right for OpenVMS files through f
1307 mod_prox analyzed Cache growing and staying above the set size (CacheSize)
1349 mod_prox analyzed Proxy server stops working when there is no route to hos
1635 mod_prox analyzed ProxyPass doesn't serve files with extensions
1230 mod_prox feedback Page underlined input fields are missing for http://cata
1606 mod_prox feedback ProxyPass ain't useful; but it could be if a ProxyFilter
1805 mod_prox feedback Proxy would not access another Apache server on the same
 747 mod_prox open     Proxy caches documents even if transmission was interrup
1415 mod_prox open     POSTs with Content-Length: header have any trailing CRLF
1472 mod_prox open     extra headers on POST method CGI returns
1532 mod_prox open     Proxy transfer logging
1565 mod_prox open     ftp proxy grabs files relative to login point, which may
1567 mod_prox open     ProxyRemote proxy requests fail authentication by firewa
1583 mod_prox open     Error in netscapehost.patch
1785 mod_prox open     Proxy-Authenticate code in http_protocol fails with Prox
1810 mod_prox open     NoProxy doesn't work on Non-Standard Ports...
1878 mod_prox open     listing of proxy cache content
1981 mod_prox open doesn't work through a proxy, wh
2014 mod_prox open     CONNECT protocol fails
2051 mod_prox open     Proxy - need more stuff!
2053 mod_prox open     suggested change to proxy module - code is available
1582 mod_rewr analyzed mod_rewrite forms REQUEST_URI different than mod_cgi doe
1644 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite doesn't add Vary header field elements
2055 mod_rewr open     Can't view image files when using RewriteRule in Proxy m
1551 mod_stat open     Current and Restart Time Reports are Missing TimeZone
1728 mod_stat open     Possible Overflow in Mod_status statistics?
1845 mod_stat open     mod_status does not work properly as a shared module (wi
1986 mod_stat open     Compilation error
1278 mod_user analyzed date format for cookies is not compliant with RFC..cause
1883 mod_user open     would like to use "dummy" passwd file for userdir determ
 878 os-aix   analyzed Server stops responding when a socket gets stuck in the 
2007 os-aix   analyzed Does apche_1.2 support aix version 4.3?
2028 os-aix   open     Apache fails to link with reports of undefined symbols
1903 os-dgux  open     server won't start
1680 os-freeb analyzed Critically anomalous behavior when upgrading from 1.3a1 
1218 os-freeb feedback 1 Apache process takes up 40% of the server load
1748 os-freeb feedback [error] (22)Invalid argument: getsockname  in error_log
1000 os-hpux  analyzed second sighup stop's server
1362 os-hpux  analyzed CGI script using UNIX shell script "expr" command produc
1638 os-irix  analyzed GIF images on the order of 80KB to 120KB fail to downloa
1710 os-irix  analyzed Some image files get corrupted during transfer
1945 os-irix  analyzed Apache logs endlessly to error_log and never starts up.
1660 os-irix  feedback accept(2) serialization patch using MIPS ABI; two orders
1727 os-irix  feedback I get 'accept_mutex_on: Permission denied' in the error_
1471 os-irix  open     apache doesn't startup on irix6.2
1824 os-irix  open     problem with uudecode() when optimizations turned on
2002 os-irix  open     unkillable httpd processes
1612 os-linux feedback compile warnings, compiled object will not execute [no l
2049 os-linux open     SIGSEGV attempting to dump core when serving pages
2023 os-macht open     versions greater than 1.2.4 will compile fine and then c
1564 os-ncr   analyzed segmentation fault on startup.
2003 os-netbs open     kill -HUP doesn't work right
1783 os-os2   feedback it isn't posible to kill the apache server
1169 os-osf   analyzed core dump
1434 os-osf   analyzed CGIs run using 'rsh' frequently abort prematurely.
1996 os-osf   feedback Can't 'make' Apache
1775 os-osf   open     Entry AuthName in .htaccess isn't being diplayed
1654 os-other feedback fails to fork off a cgi
1976 os-other open     A/UX 3.0.1 compatibility: memmove, regex, strerror
1562 os-sco   feedback BrowserMatch variable cause CGI failure: 'variable=1: is
1077 os-sco   open     Compilation warnings, ELF output
1546 os-seque feedback syntax error, line 158, compiling http_main.c
 941 os-solar analyzed Problems in source code when using Sun's CC
1296 os-solar analyzed httpd is running but clients can't access the server
1689 os-solar analyzed In configuration both compilers are failing on TestCompi
1948 os-solar analyzed http server crashing weekly
1717 os-solar feedback can't successfully build - do I need to change something
1733 os-solar feedback performance on 50+ web servers drops off after 3-5 days.
1854 os-solar feedback Apache does not respond after a number of minutes.
1646 os-solar open     Compile fails if /usr/ucb is on PATH during compile and 
2034 os-solar open     If asked to bind to the same IP address twice, apache re
1357 os-unixw analyzed Server incorrectly interprets whether file is a symlink.
1203 os-windo analyzed possible ../ attack in mod_include
1558 os-windo analyzed Alias to other drives gives error 404
1607 os-windo analyzed apache 1.3b3 hangs on concurrent CGI (still) ref bug 112
1623 os-windo analyzed Buffering of script output is not switched off
1651 os-windo analyzed Username/PW in htpasswd file not interpreted correctly
1665 os-windo analyzed When the httpd.conf directive ThreadsPerChild is > 64 an
1669 os-windo analyzed Perl CGI run-time errors
1676 os-windo analyzed Access Violation, and a rude shutdown when starting Apac
1712 os-windo analyzed CGI-executables other than .exe won't execute
1736 os-windo analyzed You forgot to provide the DLL msvcrt.dll
1753 os-windo analyzed NT symbolic link to different disk not served by HTTPD
1129 os-windo feedback Hang on concurrent CGI invocations
1497 os-windo feedback .exe CGIs will not execute, instead give internal server
1501 os-windo feedback Problem #1257 is not fixed by the patch in #1030
1643 os-windo feedback making the server console hideable
1729 os-windo feedback MSIE 3.0 is crashing Apache server
1770 os-windo feedback Can't spawn processes for CGI scrpts
1826 os-windo feedback Server is crashing in http_config.c
1851 os-windo feedback fopen and httpd error on startup
1959 os-windo feedback Cannot open service manager: Access is denied.
1102 os-windo open     Name of server's DOS window changes from "APACHE" to "tc
1327 os-windo open     Apache ignores htaccess files on Aliased directories tha
1413 os-windo open     Multipart form data gets additional CRs
1442 os-windo open     mod_info won't link under Windows NT/95
1444 os-windo open     File Trucated Making Java applet Fail
1462 os-windo open     Cannot load Proxy module
1611 os-windo open     There is no way to automatically shutdown server on Wind
1662 os-windo open     Can't compile Apache on NT
1678 os-windo open     Problem starting apache as a service
1707 os-windo open     When exiting Windows Apache produces a GPF in 80% of cas
1721 os-windo open     Server Side Includes - .shtml are not parsed correctly
1726 os-windo open     Apache hangs
1730 os-windo open     Can't set document root.
1786 os-windo open     CGI SCRIPT_NAME variable includes extraneous information
1814 os-windo open     exec cmd SSI directive fails in Win95
1821 os-windo open     Apache hangs after executing CGI programs
1834 os-windo open     Cannot write to stdout with WriteFile() in CGI-bin execu
1871 os-windo open     Memory Leak
1891 os-windo open     Proxy cache garbage collection doesn't work under Win95
2006 os-windo open     Service hangs
2021 os-windo open     Problems with CGI and POSIX binaries
2038 os-windo open     Supplied version does not support UNC pathnames
 660 other    analyzed New synopsis for testing
1839 other    open     logresolve.c patch to handle ip addresses that aren't th
1861 other    open     GNATS doesn't automail pending stuff
1862 other    open     GNATS cgi uses chop when it should chomp
1884 other    open     Implementation of new option for HostnameLookups: LogOnl
 378 protocol analyzed Wrong behavior on an OPTIONS request
1464 protocol analyzed Response for Byte-Range containing whole file "Range: by
1793 protocol feedback Accept: text/html happily returns application/zip files.
2032 protocol feedback When a POST or GET contains more than exactly 480 chars 
1813 protocol open     After  CGI (POST) HTTP-Headers shown in browser and inte
 921 suexec   analyzed Uses cwd before filling it in, doesn't use syslog
1037 suexec   analyzed exec cmd not working for virtual hosts
1268 suexec   analyzed CGI scripts running as Apache user: security (suexec etc
1725 suexec   analyzed with suexec around some useful errors aren't logged well
1881 suexec   analyzed suexec will not run
1346 suexec   feedback questionable user promotion
1001 suexec   open     Potential group security hole with suexec
1120 suexec   open     suexec does not parse arguments to #exec cmd
1264 suexec   open     Suexec doesn't work
1469 suexec   open     suexec allows intermediate directories with unsafe permi
1470 suexec   open     argv[0] passed to CGI scripts with and without suexec
1731 suexec   open     suexec fails for SSI with arguments
1769 suexec   open     suexec too limited -- need per-directory control, more p
1905 suexec   open     Allow modules to set user:group for execution.
1954 suexec   open     suexec directory checks - needed user cgi's under root o
2022 suexec   open     exec failure message fails to log, permission denied

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