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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject RE: Enumeration of Window's switches in use.
Date Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:19:34 GMT
On Tuesday, April 14, 1998 8:26 PM, Ben Laurie []
> Ben Hyde wrote:
> >   /D "_MBCS" -- Multibyte character support?
> >      (used on gen_uri_delims.dsp and gen_test_char.dsp)
> Yes - but probably a mistake there.

The doc says it's effects the behavior of tchar.h.  That was a VBasic
and now an NT thing.  Grep confirms that. so I suspect it doesn't effect
of the code in these two projects.  It would be best to remove it since
it creates 
food for  thought when attempting to decern the purpose and consistency
the switches we use.

  - ben hyde

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