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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject Re: [BUILD] mmap_static, type warnings
Date Sat, 04 Apr 1998 08:20:54 GMT
Sorry that line number should be 188, not 118.  My daily diff
strips line numbers since I grew tired of watching the errors
move around as other parts of the files got changed.

Do I enable all modules?  Well, pretty much, I disable a few,
and then mod_rewrite uses DWIM to enable some again.  This is 
the exact implementation:
  echo Log: Select configuration
  set cc = gcc
  if ( $kind == hp9000s800 || $kind == sgi) then
    set cc = cc
  cat <<EOF > /tmp/$$.sed
  # We usually want to use gcc to do our compiling
  # Test this facility.
  s/Rule HIDE=no/Rule HIDE=yes/
  # We force the HTTPD_ROOT to avoid conflicts with other HTTPD roots.
  # Happens, for example, when /etc/ is shared across the site.
  # When testing this will be overridden anyway.
  # By default we enable all the modules
  s/# AddModule/AddModule/
  # We don't have the the gnu stuff this depends upon.
  /AddModule.*mod_dld/s/^/# /
  # Yet another dynamic linking module that doesn't work.
  /AddModule.*mod_so/s/^/# /
  # We don't have the database include files this needs.
  /AddModule.*mod_auth_db/s/^/# /
  sed -f /tmp/$$.sed Configuration.tmpl > Configuration
I guess I should enable mod_so now shouldn't I?
I've yet to write up the new config stuff.

 - ben

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