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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Module list confusion (HELP!)
Date Tue, 28 Apr 1998 18:49:23 GMT
Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:
> While trying to understand the module activation logic for my
> DSO-module-execution-order-patch I'm now totally confused. Please guys with
> knowledge of the past help me!
> 1. Configure parses %Module and Module lines and generates modules.c with two
>    lists: ap_prelinked_modules (shows linked modules) and ap_preloaded_modules
>    (shows modules which are activated; all others in ap_prelinked_modules but
>    not in ap_preloaded_modules can be activated via AddModule in httpd.conf).
>    But it does it as following:
>    - ``%Module'' leads to an entry in ap_preloaded_modules
>    - ``Module''  leads to an entry in ap_preloaded_modules
>                                and in ap_prelinked_modules
>    Although the documentation Configuration.tmpl says:
>    # Optional module selection lines, distinguished by having `%Module'
>    # at the front.  These specify a module that is to be compiled in (but
>    # not enabled).  The AddModule directive can be used to enable such a
>    # module.  By default no such modules are defined.
>    Either I'm totally stupid from hacking or the generation is wrong!
>    Correct would be IMHO:
>    - ``%Module'' leads to an entry in ap_prelinked_modules
>    - ``Module''  leads to an entry in ap_prelinked_modules
>                                and in ap_preloaded_modules
>    Comments?????
> 2. The http_config.c:ap_setup_prelinked_modules() function
>    initialises the chained list of active modules from
>    ap_prelinked_modules. This is bogus again IMHO, because
>    the active modules are those in ap_preloaded_modules.
>    Comments?????
> 3. The http_config.c:ap_add_named_module() function which is
>    used from the AddModule (runtime, not config time) command
>    searches the module in ap_preloaded_modules. This is bogus again IMHO,
>    because AddModule is for activating modules which are not activated, i.e.
>    it has to search ap_prelinked_modules.
>    Comments?????
> The interesting point is that the above two points made no difference and no
> problems in the past where the %Module syntax was totally forgotten and DSO
> mechanism didn't exist.  But at least to get correct module lists for the DSO
> situation we have to make sure this is correct.

It seems to me that if you assume that the behaviour you describe as
being current in 1 is, in fact, correct, then 2 and 3 are also already
correct. So, the problem seems to be simply that you don't like the
names of the two lists. Or have I missed something?



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