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From Mark Stemm <>
Subject Adding module to distribution
Date Mon, 27 Apr 1998 17:59:50 GMT
Hi, I recently made a small change to mod_negotiation.c that allows
apache to control the size of negotiated documents by adding a
configuration parameter "ReduceFrac". ReduceFrac is a fraction between 0
and 1 that indicates the maximum allowable size of negotiated documents.
For example, if ReduceFrac is 0.5, only variants that are <=50% the size
of the full-size variant are considered when doing negotiation.

This feature is useful because by cleverly tuning ReduceFrac and making
most documents negotiable, one can reduce the bandwidth requirements of
the server under high request load, resulting in a greater throughput.
This increase in throughput can be as much as 400%, depending on the
fraction of documents that are made negotiable . A paper that describes
these changes and experiments in more detail is at

So, 2 questions:
1. Would anyone be interested in these changes, and
2. If so, how do I get the changes incorporated into the real
distribution? I have already created documentation for all of my

>From reading the web pages on, seems like the answer to
#2 is that I need to be voted in as an active contributor, and then I
can grab the cvs tree and incorporate my changes, which will be actually
put into the distribution if enough people like the idea. I've been
reading the list for a couple of weeks, but don't have much to
contribute other than the module I wrote. So I'm unclear on how I can be
voted in.

So answers to the above questions would be greatly appreciated, and


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