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From Michael Anderson <>
Subject C++ and pool (again) in 1.3b6
Date Thu, 23 Apr 1998 14:41:02 GMT
> Apache 2.0 STATUS wrote:

> * make everything C++ friendly (fix that damned pool decl)

Can this be done for 1.3? Why do module developers with C++
code have to battle this with every new release?

In the meantime, any suggestions for the minimal, most compatible
changes to 1.3b6 to link-in C++ modules? I put: 

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

in all the header files and was hoping that something trivial

typedef struct {
#ifdef __cplusplus
    pool *pool_ptr;
    pool *pool;
} array_header;

in the affected structures would work, since my C++ module
doesn't use pools at all. However, I'm getting strange errors
(the server can't find my module handler - URL not found) that
I can't track down and am wondering if the pool_ptr change is
involved. (modules.c does show my module, and the server-info
report does show the module and handler name correctly.) The
module works correctly in 1.3b3, but the entire server was
compiled with g++ after lots of code changes.


Mike Anderson
+52 473 23730 voice/fax
Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico

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