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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Cockup in util_script?
Date Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:32:33 GMT
I was poking around in scan_script_header_err_core() today, and noticed

	else if (!strcasecmp(w, "Status")) {
	    sscanf(l, "%d", &r->status);
	    r->status_line = ap_pstrdup(r->pool, l);
	else if (!strcasecmp(w, "Status")) {
	    ap_table_set(r->headers_out, w, l);
	    cgi_status = atoi(l);

obviously, the first one prevents the second from ever happening. This
means cgi_status never gets set, which also means that the return of
ap_meets_conditions() is always used. Also, status is not added to
r->headers_out. The obvious fix is to merge the two, but is it a good

Also, obviously, the fix that keeps the behaviour as it currently is, is
to delete the second one, but I suspect that isn't the thing to do.



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