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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: Global Renaming: Let us start!
Date Thu, 02 Apr 1998 13:20:54 GMT
Marc Slemko wrote:
> I have said this before and will say it one last time before I give
> up: 1.3 is not the place for this sort of screwing with the API
> nor is it the place for some magical API that suddenly becomes
> documented, etc.  We will waste more time over this, and already have,
> than it is worth and will not get much out of it in the end.

I agree 100% with all of the above.  API documentation for 1.3.*
is a "nice-to-have" IFF someone wants to invest its own personal
effort - not the group's, except for feedback.

> 2.0 is damn close to dead in my mind.  I'm starting to think that
> what is necessary is two or three people, a couple of weeks, a nice
> cabin in the mountains with a few computers, and no new-httpd.

I haven't yet gotten to that point about 2.0, but the life-support
teams *do* seem to be organising for withdrawal.. <g>

#ken	P-)}

Ken Coar                    <http://Web.Golux.Com/coar/>
Apache Group member         <>
"Apache Server for Dummies" <http://Web.Golux.Com/coar/ASFD/>

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