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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: C++ and pool (again) in 1.3b6
Date Tue, 28 Apr 1998 06:09:54 GMT

Sounds like folks like this idea - Michael, prepare a patch against the
current code base and I think we could incorporate it.


At 09:30 PM 4/24/98 -0500, Michael Anderson wrote:
>Alexei Kosut wrote:
>> IMHO, to maintain backwards compatibility, wouldn't it be better
>> to change "pool" than "pool"? Er... I mean, change the type name
>> instead of the structure member name?
>> If we change "pool *pool" to "pool *pool_ptr" then all modules
>> that access that pool will need to be changed.
>There is a lot of code referencing the "pool" variables in the
>three affected structures.
>> If we change "pool *pool" to "ap_pool *pool" then any module
>> that references "r->pool" will still work just
>> fine, and we can throw in a "typedef pool ap_pool" in
>> #ifndef __cplusplus wrappers so that all existing source
>> will continue to work.
>Sounds like that should work and could isolate the C++ changes
>to small #ifdef's at the top and bottom of header files. The
>patch would be trivial - you guys decide and I'll do the
>(trivial) grunt work, or someone with write permission on the
>source could do it in a few minutes.
>Mike Anderson
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>Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico
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